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June 14, 2013 - 10TH WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY EDITION 2013 |


April 26, 2013 - Formulation Indicative Programme Health Cooperation Benin-Belgian 2013-2017 |

My ambition:

A new impetus for the sector dynamic and modern health to induce a positive improvement in the health status of our people. This vision is six (6) major areas, namely:

- Axis 1: Improving the health of the mother and child;

- Priority 2: Management and prevention of malaria resolved;

- Axis 3: Continuous availability of antiretroviral drugs for people living with HIV and specific antibiotics against tuberculosis;

- Priority 4: Institutionalization of universal health insurance;

- Priority 5: Maintaining social dialogue with the social partners;

- Priority 6: Restructuring Area Hospital.

Prof. Dorothy A. KINDE - GAZARD


The current Minister of Health is one of the personalities which it is difficult to write a biography omitting nothing quite correct, because their journey rich, abundant and a little more interesting than other actions.
Dorothy KINDE Akoko-GAZARD, married and mother of three children, is a doctor by training, specializing in Parasitology-Mycology Laboratory Fellow and professor in his specialty since 2004.
In February 2005, the President of the Republic at the time, General Kerekou forming second five years of the last government, he called for the position of Minister of Public Health.
Professor KINDE-GAZARD confirms that the general did not err in its cast. It multiplies initiatives: the first national telethon for priority diseases (AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis). This initiative resulted in the collection of medical equipment and funds used to buy mosquito nets distributed free to people, drugs for TB and ART centers. It has also taken steps to strengthen and introduce new vaccines in the EPI and spent free care for people living with HIV program. For the first time in the industry, it is to edit the pads on the most common diseases in Benin, not only in French but also in seven languages. The same document is available in comics for pupils and students. With his energy, his toughness, the results it has given in the fight against malaria in Benin and credibility he has shown in his career and especially his previous position as coordinator of the National Program fight against malaria, she was able to mobilize in favor of this condition has donated $ 32 million to the World Bank.
When at the end of his term in April 2006, he made the apron, Ms. GAZARD quickly found his students and patients, but it continues to work for Benin and health. The President of the CCM (Country Coordination Mechanism English) Global Fund to fight against malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis, she helped mobilize one hundred fifty million (150,000,000) euros for the malaria, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis.
His internationally recognized as its ability to bring people and ideas technique has earned since 2009 to be a member of the Technical reference (TERG), a global forum composed of nine (09) of independent experts from the Global Fund.
Despite his many professional occupations and family, the minister is concerned about research and more. It has to its credit some fifty publications in national and international journals and has supervised forty students in a doctoral thesis of Medicine of the State and the pharmacy.
Ms. GAZARD is, for many years a member of several international scientific societies such as the West African Society of Parasitology, society exotic disease. In addition, she is the founding president of national companies, most recently the company Laboratory of Parasitology-Mycology Benin since 2009 and founder of the President of Benin fight against mosquitoes since 2011.
Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic, Professor GAZARD made a return to the head of the health department, six years after leaving. The President of the Republic, His Excellency Dr. Boni Yayi, after his reelection in 2011, and confident in his professionalism, technical and leadership appointed a new Minister of Health.
This is a "back to basics" for the teacher GAZARD who agreed to take on new challenges with determination. It attacks every day, always smiling and calm that hides his energy and imagination flowing. The challenge to make possible a universal health insurance plan for Benin in record time, the realization of a number of tools, including good practice guide for health professionals and for patients are proof among many others.

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